I am an ordained minister, teacher, christian apologist, writer and motivational speaker dedicated to discovering spiritual truths.  I believe a deeper understanding of the scriptures will lead to a fuller more satisfying life.  This is our birthright, it is God's plan for us.  It is what each of us yearns for deep inside our souls.

The Final Message: Understanding the book of Revelation by Robert R. Davis
6 Things Every Christian Should Know by Robert R. Davis
In the Beginning: The Truth behind Genesis by Robert R. Davis
How to Live the Abundant Life by Robert R. Davis
What Lies Within: Understanding the Holy Spirit by Robert R. Davis
The Final Message


People are obsessed with the apocalypse and it has become big business. It has created a hunger for what the bible has to say on the subject. Unfortunately, most interpretations are devoid of any real insight. They leave far too many questions unanswered, with little or no biblical support. The Final Message is a realistic and hard-hitting biblical explanation of the book of Revelation. It gives a complete understanding of Revelation and ties together seamlessly with the rest of the Bible.


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6 Things Every Christian Should Know


Hebrews chapter six is the basis for this book, the apostle Paul has outlined what he considers the foundational truths that every Christian should know. These teachings should be the first lessons that a new believer receives in the Church. Unfortunately, most never get this fundamental instruction and we move on without a through understanding of the basics. This book will not only tell you the meaning of these principles but it explains how and why they are tied together. Insightful, fresh and reverent it is a must have for every believer.


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In the Beginning


In the Beginning (the Truth Behind Genesis) is a riveting, thought provoking look at creation from a biblical perspective. This book breaks down the symbolism of Genesis in order to ascertain the real spiritual message from God. Robert Davis brings so much clarity to the scriptures you will wonder why you never saw these things before. Simply indispensable to anyone serious about the truth.


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How to Live the Abundant Life


This book outlines in practical terms the biblical truths that give us the Abundant Life, Jesus promised life. It cuts to the heart of what it means to be blessed (prosperous) at home, work and everywhere you go. This powerful and inspiring book will help you live a more significant and fulfilling life, allowing you to be the person that God always intended you to be. It will enable you to transform your life.


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What Lies Within


The Holy Ghost is the long awaited promise of the Father, through which all believers receive the power of God. Even the apostles of Jesus needed this unique gift before they could be sent out as witnesses. Therefore, I believe it is imperative that we have a firm understanding of the Spirit and how He pertains to our lives today. The Holy Spirit is the very essence or nature of God. This is why we can call God our Father and not just our creator. He has placed His nature inside of us via His Spirit. Understand for yourself the power and purpose of what lies within.

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Rethink Church


There is an undeniable decline in the cultural influence, spiritual unity and moral constitution in the church today.  It is barely a hollow shell of its true self.  This predicament has caused the membership to become disappointed and frustrated with religion and justifiably so.  Unfortunately, this ever growing dissatisfaction has caused many to leave not only the church, but God.  Rethink Church asks and answers the hard questions with unbelievable clarity and insight.  It should be required reading for every current and former church member.

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