Rethink Church

​​A Barna Group Survey showed people who are opting out of church cite three factors with equal weight in their decision: 35% cite the church’s irrelevance, hypocrisy, and the moral failures of its leaders as reasons to check out of church altogether. In addition, two out of 10 people say they feel God is missing in church, and one out of 10 senses that legitimate doubt is prohibited, starting at the front door.

Although people cite their primary reasons for attending church as growing closer to God and learning more about him, the Barna Group finds such closeness is a rare occurrence. Fewer than two out of 10 churchgoers feel close to God on even a monthly basis. Additionally, while almost two-thirds of those who value church attendance go to learn more about God, fewer than one in 10 (6%) who have ever been to church say they learned something about God or Jesus the last time they attended. In fact, the majority of people (61%) say they did not gain any significant or new insights regarding faith when they last attended.

The data shows two trends, often at crosscurrents. Adults are aware of their very real spiritual needs, yet they are increasingly dissatisfied with the church’s attempt to meet those spiritual needs and are turning elsewhere.

Robert Davis gets to the root of the Church's problems and gives fresh spiritual insights into the topic and separates Church, God and Religion.  This book addresses questions all of us have deep within with clarity and scriptural discernment seldom seen.  This is a must read for those in and out of church.


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