Robert R. Davis is a Christian author, teacher and minister.  He is a native of New Haven, Connecticut.  Robert was always active in the church even as a youth.  He served as an usher, choir member and junior deacon.  As an adult he became a deacon at the ripe old age of 20 and a Sunday school teacher to adults and teens.  In 2007 Robert accepted the office of minister and in time became an assistant Pastor. 


Robert has always had a deep desire to understand the mysteries of life.  He always questioned the reasons behind the things of life.  This trait did not always go over well in his youth, but as an adult it increased his understanding greatly, especially in the realm of studying the bible. 


Writing became a natural offshoot of his teaching and speaking.   Robert wrote his first book in 2002 called The Final Message: Understanding the book of Revelation.  It was challenging enough to write his first book, but to tackle a subject as difficult of Revelation was intimidating, to say the least.  This work grew out of his study and desire to understand this last and enigmatic book of the bible.  The work was revised in 2008. 


Robert penned his second book in 2009, 6 Thing Every Christian Should Know.  Although the apostle Paul called the subjects elementary, most believers are not well versed on them.  In 2010 Robert wrote What Lies Within, a book on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian's life.  Next, he wrote How to Live the Abundant Life (2011), in an effort to elevate the status quo of the believer.  In 2013 Robert tackled the creation story, In the Beginning: The Truth Behind Genesis.  This book goes far beyond creationism, evolution and intelligent design and delves into the spiritual meaning of Adam, Eve and the serpent.  His most recent work is titled Rethink Church (2019), which takes a long hard look at the church.  It penetrates the scriptures to define what God wants and expects from His creation.


Robert has a deep passion to understanding the meaning behind the commands and precepts of the bible.  His search for truth continues to shape his life, as he pursues God.  His writings are a vehicle to start your own journey for the truth.


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